Your inner voice

We all have our own battles.

I cannot take a compliment.  I’ll often make excuses for what I should be instead of what I am, often responding with “I’m working hard” or “I’m trying”.  I tend to concentrate on how long of a journey I still have instead of how far I’ve already come.

Truth is my inner talk is probably my biggest issues.  It’s not only what I’m thinking, it can also be what I’m seeing.  When I wake up and look in the mirror, I often see the woman on the left (yes, that’s me at 240 pounds holding Megan who is now turning 13).  Some days, I see the woman on the right.  In my mind, I know I’m not the woman on the left but somehow I relate to her.  She was so hard on herself.  You see, I spent years speaking to myself in undertones that one should never say to oneself, much less other people.  It’s so true that we are our own worst enemies.  It needs to end.  It does nothing for anybody but totally negate all of the hard work and efforts we put into ourselves.


Do me a favor:  the next time you see someone’s body language suggest they’re in disagreement with your compliment, stop them and tell them they deserve it along with good thoughts and that they are good (no, screw that), GREAT ENOUGH for whatever they are trying to accomplish.

Carrie on.


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