We are all worth it

It’s always nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while.  It happens in a small town.  They often comment on how much I’ve changed since the last time they saw me.  Here’s how it usually goes:

them:  (insert usual pleasantries), “you look great”

me: “thank you, I’m working hard”

them: “I see that. how did you do it?”

me: “I work out and watch what I eat”

Often times I get the usual “oh that’s great”.  Much of the time I can feel they’re somewhat disappointed and respond with, “oh, okay”.  I often get the feeling they’re hoping to hear me tell them about the new quick fix. I was like that not so long ago.  I searched for that quick fix for years. I searched for that magic pill high and low.  I searched at weight watchers 3 times, nutrasystem twice, multiple gym memberships (yes, i said memberships – i rarely ever went), the list goes on and on.  Let me tell you what I found the secret is…..there is no secret.  It’s all hard work.  Anything that is worthwhile doing requires hard work. BUT if you put the work in, you’ll see the results.

carrie squat 2

To reach a goal you have never attained, you must do things you have never done before.

Richard G. Scott

To the people who have either told me or thought that I was “crazy” for doing what I do to become fit ( ie. CrossFit), here’s my response – you damned right I am.  I was just crazy enough to try something new and guess what happened?  I fell in love with it.  But I didn’t just fall in love with the means in which I become stronger every day, I fell in love with MYSELF.  Turns out, I am worth it.  I’m worth every damn penny.  I’m the best investment I ever made.  Who doesn’t deserve to be their own best cheerleader?

carrie clean

Here’s to all the people who have enough “gumption” to invest in themselves.  Thanks for paving the way for all of us.  We are all worth it!

Carrie Harmon

CrossFit Bezel Member

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