“That’s where the adult table is at CrossFit.”

From Day 1, Shaffer Strength & Conditioning, the home of CrossFit Bezel, believed in the true nature of CrossFit. That it is a wonderful General Physical Preparedness program. And that when applied wholly and completely, it has the ability to change peoples lives and actually help them enjoy more of what life has to offer.
We do not think that competition CrossFit is for everyone. In fact we believe that those people that attempt to do more without actually addressing YEARS of inactivity or building up a solid foundation over YEARS are likely to do more damage or find themselves dealing with nagging injuries that could have been avoided. And at some point will have to start over to build a proper foundation.
If you are truly curious about what properly working out and eating can do for you then stop in for a “No Sweat Intro”.
This is about improving your life for a lifetime with a family that wants to see you succeed. 
“””” On May 3, 2018, while sharing his vision for the CrossFit Health initiative and his plans to disrupt the public health space, Glassman painted a stark contrast between the work that CrossFit is doing, versus the CrossFit Games.
Glassman, who regularly attends the Games, admits he doesn’t pay close attention to the competition. Instead:
“I’m [at the Games] for the people who want to talk and increasingly what they want to talk about is recovery from addiction and other chronic diseases. They all have great stories to tell and I never tire of hearing it, and the fact that people know I want to hear that and am proud of that, and that the better of my affiliates are proud of that is really where the leadership is at, where the adults are. That’s where the adult table is at CrossFit.””””

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