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Love your body

I was recently reminded of this article on my Time Hop.  I posted it on Facebook a year ago with the caption “Decades wasted”.  Here’s an update:

After decades wasted, I’ve spent the last few years coming to terms with the ‘new’ me.  The me who has somehow maneuvered from wanting a size 6 body to wanting a body that can do things.  Things like box jumps, dead lifts, cleans, pull-ups, T2B, V ups, running, and anything and everything in between.  I could care less what it looks like as long as I can do those things coupled with things outside of this box.  Isn’t this what we train for, being able to do things outside of this box?

Upon great reflection, I’ve decided to no longer let anything get in my way (basically get out of my own damn way).  So when you see me in shorts, know this – it’s taken me years to get here.  YEARS.  The new me is a bad ass and is learning to love myself one step at a time, and learning that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you wear along this journey.  I’m training to GO DO SHIT.

Up next:  tank tops.  Baby steps people. Baby.Steps.

Carrie on.


Your inner voice

We all have our own battles.

I cannot take a compliment.  I’ll often make excuses for what I should be instead of what I am, often responding with “I’m working hard” or “I’m trying”.  I tend to concentrate on how long of a journey I still have instead of how far I’ve already come.

Truth is my inner talk is probably my biggest issues.  It’s not only what I’m thinking, it can also be what I’m seeing.  When I wake up and look in the mirror, I often see the woman on the left (yes, that’s me at 240 pounds holding Megan who is now turning 13).  Some days, I see the woman on the right.  In my mind, I know I’m not the woman on the left but somehow I relate to her.  She was so hard on herself.  You see, I spent years speaking to myself in undertones that one should never say to oneself, much less other people.  It’s so true that we are our own worst enemies.  It needs to end.  It does nothing for anybody but totally negate all of the hard work and efforts we put into ourselves.


Do me a favor:  the next time you see someone’s body language suggest they’re in disagreement with your compliment, stop them and tell them they deserve it along with good thoughts and that they are good (no, screw that), GREAT ENOUGH for whatever they are trying to accomplish.

Carrie on.


Are you ready ?

It’s a funny thing being faced with something you cannot control.  I hurt my back in December 2013 while picking up my sleeping 5 year old.  She’s heavy as lead, but still only 5 years old.  I kept thinking to myself, I should be able to do this.  Why did this happen?  Was I in a weird twisting position or something?  The reasons (more like excuses) kept coming until I finally realized I was just really out of shape.  Okay, so if I’m already out of shape and barely into my 40’s, will I always be like this?  Clearly I want to be able to do fairly easy things like this, but my body wouldn’t let me.

Backtrack 10-12 years prior.  Let me set the stage:  I’m speaking with my best friend telling her my frustrations for not being able to lose weight.  The weight just kept coming. I kept getting bigger and bigger.  Yes, I had a couple of kids, but DEAR LORD when will it end?  I specifically remembered telling her, “So, I can graduate from college, move back home, buy a house, and get married all in the same year; BUT I’M STILL A SIZE 22 AND CAN’T SEEM TO LOSE 1 POUND!  Why can’t I do this?”  I can still feel the frustration (and anger).

Looking back to these situations and so many more like them, are what lead me on my journey to figuring out what I wanted my future to look like.  Did I want to continue to be out of shape, be injured while doing regular things, or change?  It was not long after this event that I realized, there’s no way on God’s green earth that I’m going to live my life without being able to do things like picking up my own children or their children.  It was at that moment I became ready.  I was ready to find out FOR MYSELF what I was truly capable of. 


What can 40 some year old Carrie do?  Can I jump on, run around, and lift heavy shit?  Can I return back to being somewhat fit and carry things like my now 7 year old heavy as lead free-spirited daughter?  I knew I would have to work hard at it, be consistent, and take care of myself.  I knew I was not in great shape when I walked thru the doors at CrossFit Bezel, but I also knew that wouldn’t be for very long if I put some effort into it.  I’m not saying I’m near any sort of finish line, but I’ll be damned if I’m stopping now.

Carrie on . . .    1779795_896326713770148_3438161760806228697_n

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The Interview

by: Carrie Harmon

I recently was interviewed by an intern at our CrossFit box.

She asked me a question that stuck with me, "what's been your best memory while you've been here (CrossFit Bezel)?" My response included discussing the CrossFit Games Open workouts.

But it made me think, honestly, my favorite memories here are what seem to be any day I walk in here.  Whether we’re performing the open workouts or a regular daily WOD, we always have the same effect:  people are always encouraging and motivating each other.

It's truly a family environment here.  I feel completely comfortable walking in here any time of any day to workout, shoot the breeze, talk about issues, drop off the kiddo at Lil Beasts and go grocery shopping, anything.  This is an extension of our homes and it's a great feeling to workout beside people who you not only admire for their athletic abilities, but you respect because they are a great example and are leading a life you are aspiring to lead as well.

It's hard to find a place like this where you fit in and I have no problem telling you, our family is the best.

So, yes, my greatest memories here are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  All of them!

Carrie on . . . .

80s night

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Meet CrossFit Bezel Family Member Teri

--  What brought you to CrossFit Bezel? 

--  I noticed that my friend Frances had made some big changes in her body and I wanted to do the same thing

--  What was your first Impression?

--  It was very hard and there was no way I would be able to do all of that stuff

-- Has that changed?

--  Yes, my first impression was that I couldn’t do any of it and now I’m doing things that I never thought I could do; things that I haven’t tried to do since I was a child and I’m doing things that Chris makes me do that I never thought I could do…it’s all do-able.

--   What’s your biggest accomplishment?

--  Just sticking with it, I have a lot of goals as far as my weight loss and my nutrition and just being healthy and this is the only thing that I have not given up on

--   What is your next goal?

--  Pretty much it has been my same goal to lose the extra weight I have gained, continue to get healthy, improve my nutrition and learn new things here

--  What’s your favorite Bezel memory so far?

--  My favorite memory is when I first started CrossFit Bezel and I couldn’t jump rope at all, I had to just jump over the lines in the floor and one day we were jumping rope and I was last to finish because I couldn’t do it and Frances came over and she started jumping rope with me and I yelled at her, “You know you don’t have to show off just cause you know how to do it!” and she replied, “I’m not, I’m not, I’m trying to encourage you by doing it with you.” Later that year for my birthday she bought me a jump rope and now I can do probably 65-70 single, unbroken jumps.

teri OH10383644_696106090458879_808541099803576997_n


Interested in how you can get started with us and become a member of the family?

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We are all worth it

It's always nice to see people I haven't seen in a while.  It happens in a small town.  They often comment on how much I've changed since the last time they saw me.  Here's how it usually goes:

them:  (insert usual pleasantries), "you look great"

me: "thank you, I'm working hard"

them: "I see that. how did you do it?"

me: "I work out and watch what I eat"

Often times I get the usual "oh that's great".  Much of the time I can feel they're somewhat disappointed and respond with, "oh, okay".  I often get the feeling they're hoping to hear me tell them about the new quick fix. I was like that not so long ago.  I searched for that quick fix for years. I searched for that magic pill high and low.  I searched at weight watchers 3 times, nutrasystem twice, multiple gym memberships (yes, i said memberships - i rarely ever went), the list goes on and on.  Let me tell you what I found the secret is.....there is no secret.  It's all hard work.  Anything that is worthwhile doing requires hard work. BUT if you put the work in, you'll see the results.

carrie squat 2

To reach a goal you have never attained, you must do things you have never done before.

Richard G. Scott

To the people who have either told me or thought that I was "crazy" for doing what I do to become fit ( ie. CrossFit), here's my response - you damned right I am.  I was just crazy enough to try something new and guess what happened?  I fell in love with it.  But I didn't just fall in love with the means in which I become stronger every day, I fell in love with MYSELF.  Turns out, I am worth it.  I'm worth every damn penny.  I'm the best investment I ever made.  Who doesn't deserve to be their own best cheerleader?

carrie clean

Here's to all the people who have enough "gumption" to invest in themselves.  Thanks for paving the way for all of us.  We are all worth it!

Carrie Harmon

CrossFit Bezel Member

I walked into CrossFit Bezel two years ago . . .

When you reach a certain age milestone in your life, you have a tendency to look back and reflect on where you are now compared to where you were before.  Granted, most people wouldn’t call age 29 a milestone…but for the last week, the question everyone has been asking me is, “so how are you feeling about being 30 next year?”  My response is the same for every variation of this question: “I am not afraid of turning 30.  I feel better now than I did when I was 20.”  Now, my favorite part about this question is their reaction.  I usually get a shocked expression…and then they ask why.

My answer is simple: Because I am a member of CrossFit Bezel.

I have been a member of the Bezel family for 2 years now.  I was suffering from what I like to call “giving birth a second time” and was struggling!  I hated how I felt, looked, and the lack of energy I had to now take care of and run around after two little boys.  I was a college athlete…this should not be how I feel!  My solution of hitting up the nearest gym and riding the elliptical machine wasn’t cutting it.  I also had been ignoring my mother for a few months now about this gym that she had been going to called CrossFit Bezel.  When I finally got up the courage to walk into those doors, my life changed.  What once was an “I need to get rid of this used-to-be-pregnant belly” turned into so much more.  It was a lifestyle change.

I am a member of CrossFit Bezel to learn what my body can do when I fuel it the right way. 

I have learned all about nutrition and how if you TRULY want to make a change in your life, this is where it starts.  I have learned the hard way about not fueling your body correctly before a workout (side note…do NOT eat waffles right before a morning workout…you will see them again).  I have always been a picky eater and in the last 2 years, I have grown to eat so much more.  I am no longer on the mac and cheese diet…and my energy and fitness levels appreciate that!

I am a member of CrossFit Bezel because it helped me set goals. 

If you want to be successful at something, you have to do it…a lot.  Before Bezel, I was an “oh that’s too hard for me so I am going to sit here and watch you do it” kind of person.  Not anymore!!  It took me 6 months, lots of whip marks, bruises, and curse words to master the double under.  I am full of so much pride and excitement when I see them in workouts now because I know how much hard work it took for me to master them!  We have an awesome goal board in the gym that always makes me smile as I pass it and see another person mark off their victory.  (Just in case you’re curious…if you don’t know what a double under is, check this out:


I am a member of CrossFit Bezel because it makes me a better mom.

I live in a “boys only” world.  It’s a dark, scary, and smelly world full of lots and lots of energy.  Did I mention energy?  And being the only girl in the house, means that dad gets all the cool points.  I love that my kids know I work out.  I love that they know the difference between healthy foods and junk foods.  I love that if they want me to pull them in the wagon, crawl around with them outside, or do a pull up on the tree branch out in the backyard that I can do it!  They also think it’s so cool that Mom can bring 4 bags of groceries and a watermelon inside all at once!  Setting a good example for my kids has become one of my greatest accomplishments.


I am a member of CrossFit Bezel so I won’t kill my husband. 

Let’s be honest everyone…“me” time is essential for staying sane keeping a positive attitude throughout your day.  When I walk into Bezel, I leave the world behind me for just one hour.  I have had some awful days where the last thing I wanted to do was work out.  However, I have walked in the door and left a different person.  Every single time, working out there makes me feel so much better and I leave with a different attitude.  It’s my therapy.  When I get to lift heavy things, get out of my comfort zone, or just sweat a little bit, it works every time.


I am a member of CrossFit Bezel for the competition. 

Friendly competition is so good for you.  Everyone at Bezel is so different and is filled with so many different skills, it’s easy to find someone who is better than you at something.  And that’s okay…because I am most likely better than they are at something.  Some people are great runners or have awesome upper body strength.  There are some who are super flexible and others who can probably put me on their back and do a back squat.  I love being motivated by the people at Bezel.  Every single person there pushes me to be better in some way.  Whether it’s to finish a workout or to be a better teammate, I am becoming a better person each time I step into that gym.


I am a member of CrossFit Bezel to help me be a role model for others. 

I am a high school volleyball coach…which means I am surrounded by teenage girls all the time.  Whether it’s during season at practice or on Instagram, I want my girls to know that being strong is way better than being unhealthy.  Society tells these girls that unless they look like a Victoria Secret model, they aren’t good enough.  I used to be the type of girl who wanted to be “skinny like (insert any famous celebrity)” but I have learned that being strong is so much sexier.  CrossFit Bezel changed this mindset for me…and I am SO glad they have started an Athlete Training Program to help spread the word to other young girls.


I am a member of CrossFit Bezel because of the coaches.  

I may be a little biased, but we have the best trainers in the world. My favorite thing about them is that they know each and every member like the back of their hands. When I walk in, they know what kind of mood I'm in just by the expression on my face. They know what motivates me and how to push me to perform better. If I have a rough night at the gym, I guarantee you that one of the coaches will send me an email or text asking how I am doing the next day. Bezel is the only place I know where the coaches not only care about your fitness, but you as a person.  And I don’t know about you, but I need that extra push each time I step into the gym to help me reach my goals.

kasey handstand

I am a member of CrossFit Bezel because the people are my family. 

I have met my best friend at that gym.  There are people that have volunteered to babysit my kids, no questions asked, when I’ve gotten into a bind.  I know that I could call most of the members at any given time and they would be there for me if I needed them to be.  We have struggled through tough, emotional workouts for our fallen military heroes together.  We have been through weddings and babies together.  Last year, a friend of mine was killed while running.  My Bezel family was very quick to do a run in her honor.  As tears are streaming down my face, a fellow Bezel member stops her run to come and hug me.  They are my family.  It’s my home away from home.  Our conversations slowly grow from a simple “nice job on that lift” to more personal things or inside jokes.  There are people in so many different stages of life that are members of CrossFit Bezel (remember…I did mention my mother works out there!).  There are moms, dads, college kids, grandmas, volleyball players, soccer players, and people who have never played a sport a day in their lives.  And I love them all.  We all may be different but we all are in the same place for one purpose…for a better quality of life.


I walked into CrossFit Bezel two years ago hoping to lose some of my curves, but ended up gaining so much more.  I’ve gained muscle, confidence, skills I use in everyday life, mental toughness, and a family for life.  As I see new people nervously enter the gym, I remember starting in that same position two years ago and I can’t help but get so excited knowing that they are making the best decision of their lives.  I can’t wait to see where I am in my CrossFit journey next year as I turn 30…and the many many years to come!!

Kasey Ogden

Tori Kennedy

"I NEED you to take care of my mother."

That was the impassioned plea of my daughter when I went to visit her in South Africa in April 2013. The travel over there was one of the most physically exhausting trips I had ever taken; it took me days to recover.  My heart wanted to explore the country, but I was struggling just to keep up with my daughter.  After a grueling trek across Table Mountain in Cape Town, I felt old, out of shape, and defeated -- and it was evident to both of us. That's when she made me promise to take care of her mother. I was all she had and she was truly concerned about my physical well-being.  The flights home gave me a lot of time to reflect on the trip and, especially, on the promise I had made to her.

Fortunately, I have always been in relatively good health, but physically, things were not as good.  I was beginning to find myself in high-risk categories -- extra weight, pre-hypertension, high cholesterol.  I had tried for decades to get my weight under control with little success, but I realized that this was more than just a weight issue -- this was a life issue.  I was going to have to make some significant changes in order to make good on my promise.

That's when a dear friend and inspiration -- Teri Anderson -- told me about a new class she was taking.  I had noticed an evident change in her and asked what she had been doing.  She said it was a CrossFit class, and she told me that a new session for beginners would be starting soon.  Not having any idea what CrossFit was, she encouraged me to contact Chris Shaffer at CrossFit Bezel and said he would meet with me to show me a workout and tell me all about the program.  I made the appointment, met with Chris, and to my complete surprise, I signed up to start the next Elements session.

I have never considered myself to be athletic in any fashion.  Artistic? Yes.  Athletic? Not in a million years.  And my first Elements class confirmed exactly that.  I couldn't even begin to do the workout without significant modifications to each aspect, yet Chris knew exactly how to coach and encourage me every step of the way.  As a coach, he understood my capabilities and my limits better than I did, and he instructed me in the proper form and technique that helped me see progress in every workout.  And as terrified as I was, I kept going back.

Fast forward two years.  I just reached my second anniversary with CrossFit Bezel, and with much gratitude to Chris, Taylor, and my CFB family (yes, we definitely are a family at this point), I am a stronger, healthier, more empowered me, and I'm in the best shape of my life -- both physically and mentally.  I have accomplished things with my 55-year-old self that I never would have imagined, and I continue to be a work in progress.

What started as a promise to my daughter has now become a promise to me, and it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I would encourage you to do the same.

Tori Kennedy

Tori Before & After

Ryan Webb

I was always an athlete. For most of my adolescent and adult life, my world revolved around track and field. I ran in high school, and then for VCU. I never really thought about life after serious track competitions ended, but eventually it did end. So I spent the next 4 years coaching and looking for something to do for myself in my down time. It was then that I finally gave Crossfit a try. My Crossfit journey did not start at Crossfit Bezel. It started at a gym that threw a brand new member and novice lifter directly into the fire, only to quickly and somewhat frighteningly injure my lower back. So I left, and decided at that point that Crossfit really must be what you see on the news. About 6 months later my wife, Katy, and I noticed that a Crossfit box had moved into the old karate place less than a mile from our house. My wife wanted to give it a shot, and I promised her that if she liked it that I would join once the school year ended. So in January 2014 Katy went through her elements classes, and joined the gym. I was impressed to see the elements classes and hear that Katy was being taught and coached through every movement. She came home excited about what she was doing, and encouraged me to join earlier than the summer. So in March of 2014 all of the FUn began. From the first night that I met with Chris and Taylor I knew that things would be different. They tested me in all of the lifts to make sure that I wasn’t going to hurt myself or anyone else, but more than anything they coached me. I quickly found my strengths, weaknesses, and physical flaws. When these flaws showed up Chris and Taylor always had a recommendation of how to work on it. No where was this more noticed that in my hip mobility. When I was playing soccer in middle school I tore both of my hip flexors over the course of two years. Because of this, the mobility in my hips has always been limited, and any time that I would quickly transition from squatting to standing my hips would catch. After four months of dedicated hip mobility work, I was pain free and able to touch my rear end to my heels in a squat with no pain.

My weight was another issue that I was battling in the years since my running career ended. In college my racing weight was around 150 pounds, but with three years of low motivation and bad eating I had puffed up to 190. I had never been “soft” before in my life, so to get to this point in my mid-twenties was something that I was really having a hard time with. So when I started at CFB I also got their nutrition guide. What seemed like radical changes at the time, really just turned out to be eating clean whole foods that make you feel good. Cooking was always a passion of mine, but within the past year my love for cooking has taken off. Knowing that I am preparing food that is going to 1) taste good and 2) nourish my body is incredible, and empowering. The nutrition coupled with the workouts made the weight fall off, and I am happy to say that I am now back at my racing weight, leaner, and a better all-around athlete than I ever was, even when racing in college.

My physical accomplishments in the gym have shocked me as well. I am not a big guy, so I didn’t come into the strength and weight lifting world with big expectations. Thanks to Chris and Taylor’s coaching I have found that I am actually pretty good at this whole strength and fitness game, and I continue to improve. When I started I couldn’t snatch 60lbs. to save my life, which to say the least was humbling. In one short year I have doubled my Snatch PR to 120lbs., improved my clean and jerk to 175lbs., and have gone from squatting under 200lbs to 285lbs. One of my more emotional moments was on September 18th, 2014..... When I hurt my back during my first crossfit experience it was during a deadlift at 185lbs. Needless to say anytime I stood over a heavy bar after that I was somewhat nervous. So when “attempt new Deadlift PR” showed up on the board I was ready to put the movement in its place. As I went through the weights, 225-250-265-275 they all felt smooth, but I knew where I wanted my PR to end that day. So as I loaded 285lbs. onto the bar and stood over it I took a moment to reflect on how far I had come in such a short time. Here I was ready to attempt a weight 100lbs heavier than the one that had put me out of the other gym. As the bar slid up my shins and over my knees, the whole experience just seemed surreal.

ryan's deadlift

So to cap off 1 year in this new crazy Crossfit life, I decided that I would take on the challenge of the 2015 Crossfit Open. This has pushed my limits, shown me that I have come incredibly far, and shown me what I have yet to master.

I don’t know if there is a facet of my life that hasn’t been changed in some way by my experiences with Chris and Taylor. A new dedication to my health, a new sport to challenge me, new ideas that help me coach my own runners, new “dates” with my wife, but most of all a new family of support. I have seen many lives changed around me over the past 12 months, and I am proud to have been there with them. I also look forward to getting more involved with the goings-on around the box this summer, as Bezel starts to roll out its new Bezel Endurance Classes.

In summary, Chris, Taylor, and my CFB Family…….Thanks!

Ryan Webb


Ryan - February 2014

Ryan - February 2014

Ryan - March 2015

Ryan - March 2015

Katy Webb

We all have different stories and reasons for starting at CrossFit Bezel and I'd love to share mine in honor of my CrossFit coaches, Chris and Taylor. I was a competitive athlete for the majority of my 26 years of life. I played in U-7 recreational leagues all the way up through Division 1 college soccer. Being an athlete was my primary identity. Unfortunately, I haven’t always been blessed with the best health. When I was 16 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent harsh  chemotherapy/radiation. I was lucky enough to be declared “in remission” in 2004 but my body has never been the same. I lost all fitness, endurance, muscle mass, and 40% of my heart muscle. I went on to graduate school and the work world. Unfortunately, illness struck again in 2012 at age 24 as I was diagnosed with a severe digestive condition called gastroparesis. I was suddenly unable to digest food and was put on a liquid diet for months. I couldn’t run or lift. I lost 30lbs in a matter of weeks. My husband and I consulted with Johns Hopkins for a second opinion – I was told that the gastroparesis may be permanent. I was told that I may need a feeding tube, a gastric pacemaker, and that I would likely never be able to do my favorite things: run or lift weights again. My athlete identity was long gone at this point, My boss suggested that I stop working and apply for Disability. I was devastated but not ready to give up. I sought alternative treatment (acupuncture, Paleo diet) and slowly began to improve. I began to eat solid food and put some healthy weight back on. 

At this point, I saw CrossFit Bezel had opened its doors next to my grocery store. Despite everything I was going through, something inside me made me walk through that door. This is when I met Chris Shaffer. I walked in that CrossFit box as a shell of my former self. I was weak, depressed, out of shape, anxious, and lacked any confidence in myself. Chris met me where I was fitness-wise and said “We can do this”. Chris helped me get through the Elements class. I had to go through five modifications just to do a single push-up. He encouraged me, taught me form, and kept me safe. He modified every single exercise and workout to fit my level. He kept everything so positive and always made a big deal out of any little improvement I showed. He gave me a nutrition handbook and introduced me to the other amazing members of CrossFit Bezel. A few months in, I hit a setback with severe anemia. Chris found a way to keep me safe health-wise while allowing me to participate in super-modified classes. He never gave up on me. I went from ground zero to running, lifting, jumping, and smiling. CrossFit Bezel helped me get my fitness back, my confidence back, and my life back.

One year later, I am still improving and going strong! I am so far from where I started and I owe that to my coaches. When I was first diagnosed with gastroparesis, I was told by my doctors that I needed to assemble an "All Star Team" to support me in my recovery. Along with my amazing husband, strong nutrition, supplements, and my holistic primary care doctor, CrossFit Bezel is at the forefront of my "All Star Team". I am also incredibly grateful for the support of the other Bezel members - we have become a community/family and it makes all the difference during workouts. My husband enjoys CrossFit just as much as I do and has made unbelievable strides, but I will let him tell his own story. Ryan's support in this journey has meant everything to me - I could never thank him enough. I am down over 12 pounds, getting stronger every week, and feeling better than ever. I finally feel like myself again. We just finished our first Whole30 and look forward to our next one in mid-February! Thank you CrossFit Bezel - you have changed our lives!!!

Katy Webb


One Year CrossFitBezel Appreciation Photos

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