Movement and Strength Workshop


Saturday Oct 10 and Sunday Oct 11
10.00a – 4.00p

Our guest instructor for the weekend will be Chip Conrad of Bodytribe Fitness located in Sacramento, California.

Are You Useful Creating a Holistic Strength and Movement Practice?

2 days of grokking movement, creating and expanding our philosophies of strength, gaining some new moves and deepening our understanding of the old moves.
* Master the basics, and then open many new doors.
* Create a direct relationship between training and tribe, making a difference to those around you.
* Play! Enjoy life, thanks to your training.
* Finding and fixing the gaps, both physically and metaphysically in body awareness and program development.
* Teaching and understanding movement before exercise
* The similarities between elite athletes and coach potatoes (and why they're important).
* Defining intensity and understanding its place in the transformation recipe.
* Becoming teachers of embodiment, and why that's the next step in becoming better trainers, movers and ambassadors for strength.

So we'll move, chat, and move some more. In new ways and for new reasons.

Any level of ability is welcome and will be challenged in some pretty groovy ways. Come play.

Cost: $75 per participant

Space is limited to the first 25 people to register

Follow the link below and click on the "workshops" tab to register, pay and confirm your spot.


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