Katy Webb

We all have different stories and reasons for starting at CrossFit Bezel and I'd love to share mine in honor of my CrossFit coaches, Chris and Taylor. I was a competitive athlete for the majority of my 26 years of life. I played in U-7 recreational leagues all the way up through Division 1 college soccer. Being an athlete was my primary identity. Unfortunately, I haven’t always been blessed with the best health. When I was 16 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent harsh  chemotherapy/radiation. I was lucky enough to be declared “in remission” in 2004 but my body has never been the same. I lost all fitness, endurance, muscle mass, and 40% of my heart muscle. I went on to graduate school and the work world. Unfortunately, illness struck again in 2012 at age 24 as I was diagnosed with a severe digestive condition called gastroparesis. I was suddenly unable to digest food and was put on a liquid diet for months. I couldn’t run or lift. I lost 30lbs in a matter of weeks. My husband and I consulted with Johns Hopkins for a second opinion – I was told that the gastroparesis may be permanent. I was told that I may need a feeding tube, a gastric pacemaker, and that I would likely never be able to do my favorite things: run or lift weights again. My athlete identity was long gone at this point, My boss suggested that I stop working and apply for Disability. I was devastated but not ready to give up. I sought alternative treatment (acupuncture, Paleo diet) and slowly began to improve. I began to eat solid food and put some healthy weight back on. 

At this point, I saw CrossFit Bezel had opened its doors next to my grocery store. Despite everything I was going through, something inside me made me walk through that door. This is when I met Chris Shaffer. I walked in that CrossFit box as a shell of my former self. I was weak, depressed, out of shape, anxious, and lacked any confidence in myself. Chris met me where I was fitness-wise and said “We can do this”. Chris helped me get through the Elements class. I had to go through five modifications just to do a single push-up. He encouraged me, taught me form, and kept me safe. He modified every single exercise and workout to fit my level. He kept everything so positive and always made a big deal out of any little improvement I showed. He gave me a nutrition handbook and introduced me to the other amazing members of CrossFit Bezel. A few months in, I hit a setback with severe anemia. Chris found a way to keep me safe health-wise while allowing me to participate in super-modified classes. He never gave up on me. I went from ground zero to running, lifting, jumping, and smiling. CrossFit Bezel helped me get my fitness back, my confidence back, and my life back.

One year later, I am still improving and going strong! I am so far from where I started and I owe that to my coaches. When I was first diagnosed with gastroparesis, I was told by my doctors that I needed to assemble an "All Star Team" to support me in my recovery. Along with my amazing husband, strong nutrition, supplements, and my holistic primary care doctor, CrossFit Bezel is at the forefront of my "All Star Team". I am also incredibly grateful for the support of the other Bezel members - we have become a community/family and it makes all the difference during workouts. My husband enjoys CrossFit just as much as I do and has made unbelievable strides, but I will let him tell his own story. Ryan's support in this journey has meant everything to me - I could never thank him enough. I am down over 12 pounds, getting stronger every week, and feeling better than ever. I finally feel like myself again. We just finished our first Whole30 and look forward to our next one in mid-February! Thank you CrossFit Bezel - you have changed our lives!!!

Katy Webb


One Year CrossFitBezel Appreciation Photos

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