It’s just a bar

It’s just a piece of machined steel.
It can’t check your heart rate or tell you how many calories you have burned.
There’s no headphone jack or magazine holder and it won’t charge your phone.
It’s just a bar.
But if you know how to use it, it can change your life.

paul horn


How much you weigh or want to weigh is irrelevant.

What matters, are the choices you make each and every day.  Your weight on the scale and on the bar are direct representations of those choices.

Making better choices should be the goal. Living a better, more productive life should be the goal. Want to be sick less, have more energy, play with your kids, or pick up 40lbs of dog food?

Make better choices.  Daily.


There are no shortcuts.

When you go for a jog you can go fast, go slow, or walk. However, if you want to lift something, you either can or you can’t. The barbell will not lie to you and there is no halfway.


Want to . . . . .  ?

We can help you.

Come see what the barbell is all about.


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