“” I determined that CrossFit was dangerous “”

Ever notice how quick we are to criticize things we don’t really understand?

That was me. I’ve been a physical therapist for 17 years. Translation – I spend a lot of time with injured people. My exposure to CrossFit during that time was a handful of patients and a co-worker with chronic Achilles tendinitis due to overuse. From that, I determined that CrossFit was dangerous and readily shared my opinion with other people.

Last winter I decided that if I’m going to be so vocally against something, I should make sure I had my facts straight. On a whim, I emailed CrossFit Bezel and made an appointment for an info meeting.

I went to my appointment and was greeted by an enthusiastic, way-too-happy-for-that-time-of-day coach named Taylor. He gave me a tour and we sat down to chat. I told him exactly why I was there. I told him I had serious concerns about what I’d heard about CrossFit. He responded “Ok, great! Let’s talk about it!” (I’m thinking, “is he seriously happy about this?” Most people would be defensive by now.) So, we did. I told him my co-worker constantly had Achilles tendinitis from box jumps. Taylor suggested that he was probably jumping off the box – something they don’t do at CrossFit Bezel. My brain said “Hmm…repeatedly jumping off a box is a lot of eccentric loading….that could totally cause tendinitis.” Our conversation continued with me voicing each concern and this young man (ok, maybe I’m just old) patiently giving me logical, biomechanically sound answers.

The meeting ended with me signing up for Elements – individual training sessions to learn fundamental movements with good form. I practiced barbell exercises with a PVC pipe (yet another testimony to sound training practices). I then “graduated” to regular classes. I literally cried when Taylor gave me the news. I was scared to death. But the experience has been amazing! Early on, the coaches scaled my reps until I was fit enough to complete the day’s workout. Other members encouraged me and cheered for me with every new accomplishment.

CrossFit Bezel is unlike any other workout environment I’ve been in. People from all different walks of life are doing the same workout at the same time, modified to their current ability level. There’s competition in the air, but everyone’s competing with themselves – not their neighbor. In the past 6 months I’ve been upside down, carried 106# in kettlebells for half a mile and started doing pullups with the help of some big fat rubber bands. All things I couldn’t do when I started. I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in the next 6 months!



Written by CrossFit Bezel member Aubrey Bailey


This was originally written on 6/2/2017.

Be on the lookout for Aubrey’s update on her most recent 6 months here at CrossFit Bezel.


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