CrossFit is Not the Answer 


CrossFit is a style of workouts that is taught in groups and has cardiovascular benefits similar to that of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). It is effective in both fat-burning and muscle-building, using a variety of exercises to create the optimal workout. The exercises are generally structured in such a way that you don’t reach muscle failure, but you still impose a great deal of stress and demands on the body. Although there are typically not a great deal of “cardio” workouts, your heart rate is still raised enough to see benefits in your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. If you are not looking to improve your body composition, musculoskeletal, and cardiorespiratory fitness… CrossFit is not the answer. 

Because CrossFit Bezel offers workouts in a scheduled-class format, it is common for people to come to the same class time every day, building camaraderie and offering some accountability! The members of the gym offer more support than you can imagine. This is not a place where you do your workout with your head down and leave. The members of this gym stay until everyone is finished. Everyone gets a fist-bump or a high-five when they finish their workout, and it’s not uncommon to see members doing extra sets of the workout to encourage the last of the class to finish strong. If you are not looking to make new friends and gain an entirely new support system… CrossFit is not the answer. 

CrossFit Bezel coaches ensure that all their members are getting the best workout possible to meet their goals, while maintaining a safe and controlled environment. Not only have they studied the mechanics of these exercises, the coaches have been through these workouts themselves. They have been in your shoes! In the beginning of your time at CrossFit Bezel, your goals are assessed, and a plan is made to help get you there, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or increase your athletic performance. These coaches take into account your nutrition, job, kids, school, injuries, medical conditions, and any other part of your life that may have an effect on your performance. If you are not interested in the help of a knowledgeable coach to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals… CrossFit is not the answer. 

CrossFit Bezel is commonly referred to as a “lifestyle gym.” Many of the workouts are aimed at increasing your functionality and capability in your day to day life. A common example of this is seen when pushups or bench press is included in the workout. Training all the muscles involved in the pushing portion of these movements is very important. In this gym, the optimal way to do these exercises is in your most powerful position, with your elbows closer to your side instead of flared out, which places extra strain on the shoulder, so that in day-to-day life, if you needed to push something heavy away from you, like an attacker, for example, you would have both the muscle power and the proper form to do so. If your goal is to not be capable of handling any task life throws at you… CrossFit is not the answer. 

Perhaps the most unique thing about CrossFit Bezel is its ability to combine all of these other factors into one; a challenging workout, a great support system, a motivating coach, and real-life application. CrossFit Bezel helps you push yourself further than you ever knew you could. It opens your eyes to what you are really capable of and gives you a vision of what you could achieve. CrossFit Bezel tests your strength- physical, mental, and emotional. It tests your ability to overcome any and all barriers. If you don’t want to become a stronger person in every way… CrossFit is not the answer.  

Caitlyn Reed

VCU Exercise Science Major



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