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Couch 2 CrossFit

There is no better way to kick off 2016 than with Couch to CrossFit at CrossFit Bezel! Yes, it is sort of a cliche – new year, new goals, new you. You are going to start Couch to CrossFit with questions: Can I get in shape? Can I lose weight? Can I get stronger? Can I do CrossFit? Can I stick with a fitness program to improve my life? Do I have time for this?

Here is the difference: you are going to finish the program with answers! YES you can! At the end of the Couch to CrossFit program, you are going to be motivated and ready to take over the world as a stronger, happier, healthier version of YOU!



Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic

Halloween Week

Movement and Strength Workshop

Lift Up Autism

Holiday Schedule 

Holiday schedule reminder. We will be closed on Monday. Friday and Saturday classes remain unchanged. Get outside and play with your family and friends.

Whole Life Challenge

For those of you that missed out on this last time or for those of you that want to do it again. Here you go.

Whole Life Challenge

September 19, 2015

An 8-week Challenge beginning September 19 and ending November 13, 2015.

Early Registration – Now Through September 5

First Time Players – $39 (save $10)
Returning Players – $24 (save $25)

Normal Registration – After September 5
All Players – $49


BFIT and WOD schedule updates

As we have grown over the past few years we have been able to offer different classes and times to accommodate our members.

In order to continue to allow everyone to get in as many workouts as they want in a week and still make it to work on time in the morning, we will make the following changes starting on Monday, August 3.


BFIT classes will be held at 5.00a M-F.

WOD classes will be held at 5.45a M-F.


This will allow us to offer 5 early morning classes to each group instead of the 2 or 3 previously scheduled morning classes.



** Be sure to check the Facebook page for information on the new Lil Beast kids classes starting this Saturday morning.


** Stay tuned for more information regarding additional ATP class times being added in August.

Bring a Friend Workout

Thanks to everyone that came out last night.
If you missed out on all the FUn of last night’s bring a friend workout. There will be another one this Friday, July 3 @ 7.30p.

This will be the last one before the next Elements Intro Session starts on Monday night. Anyone can do this. Just ask any of our current members or those that came last night.


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