A Safe Place

Whenever tragedy strikes, people have different ways to cope with it.  Whether it’s the bottle or drowning yourself in ice cream and sad movies…people deal with sad things differently.  It is a scientific fact that exercise is a type of medicine to help with depression, anxiety, stress and other things people may take actual medication for.  I think this should be people’s number one go-to …but that’s just me.

This weekend, tragedy struck my family when my grandmother passed away unexpectedly.  I have a very small family compared to most, so when the core of the group is no longer around, it hits everyone like a 2×4…and even more so if you actually knew her.

On any normal day, if I had hardly eaten anything or barely got 3 hours of sleep, I would cross the gym off of my list of things to do that day.  Instantly.  I know what it takes to perform well in the gym, and nutrition and sleep are the top two.  However, today was different.

When you go to a gym like CrossFit Bezel, you aren’t just going to a gym.  You are going to your second home…your safe place…your sanctuary.  When you walk in the door, your family is there to ask you how your day is going, joke with you, celebrate your successes and support you when life gets the best of you.  I have experienced every emotion at that place…I have cried, laughed, screamed, cursed, and jumped for joy.  And no matter how ugly the cry gets, they are always right there picking me back up again.

Today I cried twice.  The first time was right when I walked in the door and the coach hugged me.  The second time was after I had PRed on my deadlift… after the coach had believed in me and pushed me to add a little bit more weight.  After the lift, I dropped to the floor and let out my breath and emotions.  I also thanked God that I have such an amazing place to go when life sucks.

When you go to  CrossFit Bezel…you don’t just get a gym, you get a family.

— Kasey



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